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Independence Day Wishes Shayari Slogans Images Wallpapers Drawings Greetings:Independence Day, celebrated every year on 15th of August in India, is one of the most important festivals. It is a national holiday and the whole nation is busy in only thing on this day, celebrating our freedom and remembering the freedom-fighters whose sacrifices and efforts got us free.

India had been in the chained rule of the Firangis (the British as addressed then) for nearly 250 years. They mistreated the Indians, and they looted our great country of its riches. It was a very harsh time period for everyone, but especially the poor and the farmers. The people of this country suffered a lot under their rule, and their rules cared about only the people they served, and never the people they ruled. They were inhumane.

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Anyone who tried to lead any independence movements, or even tried to defy them was locked up in a cell and given living hell on his earth. But not even their harshest methods were enough to stop the freedom-fighters from fighting. They fought till their very last breath and in the end, the all succeeded in getting their country independent.

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And as they say, the more you have suffered in achieving something, the more you appreciate it. And that is the reason that even after so many years, people celebrate this day as if it were yesterday that the country got independent and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru addressed this nation as the first Prime Minister of India.

Every year, people come in thousands to watch the Prime Minister’s speech and the Independence Day parade and those who can’t come to the capital watch it on their televisions. People wake up on this day with such compassion and patriotism for their fellow Indians and their mother country.

They wish everyone around them and even those not around them, by calling them or texting them with enthusiasm and happiness. They greet each other with patriotic songs or shayaris and everywhere is an aura of happiness and gratefulness. They remember the martyrs and pay them most heartfelt tributes. The tricolor can be seen everywhere you look. And people can be seen in their most jovial moods.


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