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Independence Day Images

Independence Day Images:Independence day could be considered as one of the pure and emotional patriotic festival celebrated every year in different countries. In India, it is celebrated on August 15 from the last 69 Years. This year, India would celebrate its 70th independence day. For the latest Independence Day Images, proceed below.

This day brings a lot of courage and confidence to all the Indians. This day is celebrated to remember our forefathers who had sacrificed their lives, so that we could live freely. Englishmen were ruling India for over 200 years and it could have continued up to several more centuries but because of our brave Freedom Fighters, we are able to escape from the jaws of Englishmen.

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The whole India celebrates this day by participating in events like independence day quotes, drawings, singing, dancing, hoisting flags and by flying kites. The whole of the skies get filled with kites resembling India’s national flag. On this day, our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi will hoist the flag at Red Fort, New Delhi.

Even a beautiful parade of commandos will take place saluting our Martyrs Soldiers and Freedom fighters who lost their lives for saving us. Independence Day brings a lot of joy to the Indians and this day is basically dedicated to our soldiers only who have fought for us.

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Independence Day Images 2016 HD For Facebook & Whatsapp

Independence Day Images


Independence Day Pictures



Independence Day Photos


independence day images


Independence Day Photos


Independence Day Images



Independence Day 2016


Happy Independence Day Images

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