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Independence Day Essay 2016: Independence Day, no doubt, is one of the happiest days for any country because every person in this world cherishes their and their country’s freedom. This day is celebrated with utmost enthusiasm everywhere. In India, Independence Day is celebrated on 15th of August. And like every other place on this earth, India celebrates this day with complete frenzy leaving no shortcomings in its preparations.

The celebrations involve the Independence Day parade in front of the Red Fort, where the Prime Minister of India addresses the whole nation with his speech and a parade is carried out. People from all over the country arrive to watch the parade and those who are at home watch it on their TV sets.

But apart from this, various competitions are held throughout the country on or before this date for the common man to participate and feel a part of the celebrations of this wonderful day. These competitions include various genres such as poetry, sketching, painting, and essay writing.

Independence Day Essay Competition

Essay writing is probably one of the few competitions that attract the most audience as nearly everyone feels that they can be a part of it and write an essay. There are a few things everyone should know about the history of this day to participate in essay writing.

India got independent on 15 August 1947, after nearly 250 years of enslavement. The initial date for independence was set to be around June 1948, but due to the increasing tensions and riots between the Congress and the Muslim League, the new Viceroy Lord Mountbatten, advanced the date to 15 August 1947.

The British India was partitioned into two dominions of India and Pakistan. And later on, India became a republic on 26 January, 1950, overcoming its status of a dominion and becoming a fully independent country.

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