Independence Day Cover Pic For Facebook

Independence Day 2016 Cover Pics For Facebook

Independence Day Cover Pic For Facebook: Celebrations are a huge part of our lives. Whenever we are happy, we celebrate to express our happiness and share our joys with others. Celebrating an occasion increases its happiness 10 times, so we rarely leave a chance to celebrate. And we, Indians have a certain predilection for grand celebrations. So, 15th August of each and every year never goes un celebrated anywhere by Indians around the globe.For Independence Day Cover Pic For Facebook, directly move at the bottom.

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It is the day our country got independence and the fact that that we are now an independent country after more than 2 centuries of subjugation is still a bit overwhelming and hence, the happiness of Indians is quite something else on this day.

India was one of the countries that The British enslaved throughout the world, urging everyone to believe that they were doing it for the greater good, and the native people needed to be taught and colonized. This may have been one of the reasons, but the fact that India was full of riches was what drove them to India. And after they got hold of the country, they treated the Indians like filth.

It was a very dark period for India, but the brave sons and daughters of Mother India helped overcome those dark periods by shining the light of their sacrifices. They defied the British and never did once care about the consequences. And in the end, the consequences were quote in their favor, for the British learnt that they could no longer control the flames burning in the hearts of the people and decided to leave, declaring India an independent country. This day is marked the most important day in the Indian history.

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Independence Day Cover Pic For Facebook 2016



Independence Day 2016 Cover Pics


Independence Day 2016 Cover Pics


Independence Day 2016 Cover Pics For Fb




Independence Day Cover Pic


Independence Day 2016 Cover Pics For Facebook

Every year, people celebrate this day to remember the martyrs and pay their tributes to them with utmost grandeur. The celebrations start with the speech of PM followed by a parade and carry on for the whole day. Whole country is decorated in the colors of white, green and saffron and the national flag can be seen in every nook and corner. People participate in various contests and sing patriotic songs in honor of this day.

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