Best Independence Day Wishes 2016

Independence Day Wishes Images

Best Independence Day Wishes 2016: Independence is a word that makes even the gloomiest person cheer up. Such is its impact. So, it’s no wonder that the whole nation is in a state of euphoria on 15th of August. Indian Independence Day Wishes are described in the last paragraph.

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As we all know, 15th August of every year is celebrated as Independence Day in India. Because, India was enslaved by the British for more than 250 years and it was a very difficult time for the people of India. The British treated Indians like vermin. In addition, they claimed that they were doing India a great favor by colonizing them. But the only driving force was their greed as India was full of riches. They exploited India’s resources and their people. So, it was a thing of great joy when India finally got independence. The delight of being free hasn’t died even after 70 years. And may be it won’t die even after another 700 years.

Independence Day Wishes are given below.

A wave of happiness spreads over the entire country on this day and everyone is caught up in its current. People gleefully participate in various competitions, watch the Independence Day parade, sing patriotic songs. People wish each other on this glorious day, even the ones they don’t like, such is the power of this day.

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Independence Day Wishes Messages Hindi English 2016

Independence Day holds a special attention for each and every individual citizen belonging to India. For Happy Independence Day Wishes In Hindi, proceed below.

Watan hamara misaal mohabat ki,
Todta hai deewaar nafrat ki,
Meri Khush naseebi,
mili zindagi is chaman mein Bhula na
sake koi iski khushbo saton janam mein.
Happy Independence Day!

चड़ गये जो हंसकर सूली;
खाई जिन्होने सीने पर गोली;
हम उनको प्रणाम करते हैं!
जो मिट गये देश पर;
हम सब उनको सलाम करते हैं!
स्वतंत्रता दिवस की बधाई!

आन देश की शान देश की, देश की हम संतान हैं;
तीन रंगों से रंगा तिरंगा, अपनी ये पहचान है!
15 अगस्त मुबारक!

Happy Independence Day Wishes Sms In English

Carried with care, coated with pride,
Dipped in love, fly in glory,
Moments of freedom in shade of joy.

Proud to be an Indian..
Happy Independence Day.

Na maro sanam bewafa ke leeye,
Do gaz jameen nhi milegi dafan hone k liye,
Marna hain toh maro vatan ke liye,
Hasina b duppta utar degi tere kafan ke liye.

Vande Mataram, Jai Hind

Other might have forgotten,
But never can i,
The Flag of my country
Furls very high,
Happy Independence day

Indian Independence Day Wishes Images 2016

Best Independence Day Wishes 2016


Independence Day Wishes Images


Best Happy Independence Day Wishes Images 2016


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