Best Happy Independence Day Photos 2016

Independence Day Photos HD

Best Happy Independence Day Photos 2016: 15th August is one of the highly celebrated days in India. It is a national holiday. It is the day when whole of the nation is filled up to brim with happiness and patriotism. And it’s not a surprise. It is the day our nation got independent from the regime of their suppressors for nearly 250 years. For Independence Day Photos HD, proceed below.

Even after 70 years, the citizens of India have not forgotten the martyrs, and their sacrifices, which are the reason for our independence. They are filled with utmost respect and gratitude. And they celebrate this day with grandeur to show their feelings. There is a grand Independence Day parade, where the Prime Minister of India addresses the masses of India and remembers the sacrifices of everyone who have died for this country.

He talks about their bravery and exemplary valor and their families are presented with their awards. And it’s only hard to imagine the proud feelings in the heart of the family members of those mighty warriors.

Apart from the parade, the nation is immersed in all sorts of celebrations, various competitions, and singing patriotic songs and watching patriotic movies. The tricolor is hoisted in every nook and corner of the country.

Independence Day Photos Download HD 2016

Independence Day Photos 2016


Happy Independence Day Photos


Independence Day Photos Download


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Independence Day Photos HD

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